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Your Source of truth for every candidate relationshio. Track each touchpoint and drive better decissions with predivtive analytics.

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    Career Sites

    Showcase your employer brand and provide a personalized Careers Site experience to every candidate.

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    Capture talent that isn’t ready to apply with dynamic talent network forms, abandonment models, email retargeting and more.

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    Recruiting Events

    Execute, measure, and scale across the entire event lifecycle for campus, diversity, alumni, military or any other kind of recruitment event.

Build a proactive recruiting machine

Everything you need to do to recruit more proactively, engage pipelines of qualified talent ahead of business demand, and drive more efficient and effective processes.

Technology and creative perfectly alligned

Creative provides the inspiration, wow factor and messaging. Technology delivers it when, where and how your candidates want to engage with it.

Heading of Topic

Creative provides the inspiration, wow factor and messaging. Technology delivers it when, where and how your candidates want to engage with it.

Foundations Matter

A powerful employer brand can separate a first-rate candidate experience from a forgettable one.

It’s more than just a slick look or clever slogan. A well thought out employer brand expresses your organization’s unique story and gives people a reason to want to be part of it. It’s honest, authentic and offers a clear give and get – showing both current and future employees what they should be prepared to bring to the table, and what they’ll receive in return.

For decades, we’ve been helping organizations of all sizes, in all industries, to amplify and leverage the power of their employer brands. So whether you need to start from the beginning with EVP development, establish a powerful people proposition or bring your existing employer brand in line with today’s candidate and employee expectations, you can count on us to deliver.

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Make every visit count

Engage great candidates with relevant, personalized experiences

Your careers website sits at the very heart of the candidate experience. To make sure you stand out for all the right reasons, every element needs to work together – both fluidly and consistently.

With our extensive expertise in website building and activation on your side, your site will be more than just beautiful. It will be an immersive, personalized candidate experience – the result of meticulous research, careful planning, on-brand writing and responsive design. And on top of that, it will leverage AI and machine learning to seamlessly deliver the information your candidates most want to hear about.


Hello, impact

Build visibility and impact with your core audiences

Even the very best employer brand is only effective if it can flex seamlessly across a range of different channels, audiences and touchpoints to suit your evolving needs.

That’s where thoughtful, insight-led campaigns come in. So if you want to establish awareness of your employer brand, attract a specific audience, build your organization’s visibility outside your core markets – or do something else entirely – we’re here to help.


Captivate and Convert

Give your audience the content they want

Content rules. So if you’re going to genuinely engage your audience, it’s important to talk about the things they’re interested in. We’ll do more than come to you with an insightful content plan that really speaks to your audience – we’ll also develop content they can’t get enough of and push it out through the channels where they’re most likely to immerse themselves in it.


Start conversations across every channel

Reach your audience where they spend their time online

Used strategically, social media is an effective way to market directly to both active and passive jobseekers. And it’s something we’re really good at. From LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and beyond – you name the channel, we’ll manage it.


Time to re-think your employer brand?

Attract stronger candidates and reduce attrition with a reinvigorated message

Authenticity matters. If your existing employer brand isn’t in sync with the reality of your workplace, it can be jarring – for current employees as well as future ones. But how do you know if what you’re saying is accurate?

Our expertise in EVP validation and development means we can put it to the test – validating your brand with real talent and identifying opportunities to deliver credible messages that resonate with the very best candidates. That, plus our experience in primary and secondary research and proven omnichannel expertise, means we can deliver the engagement you need to stay competitive.


Automate events across all employee channels

SorceGain gives you the flexibility to automate any event across notifications, system integrations and much more...

SaaS Products

Connect SaaS products to your employee processes. Think Google Calendar, Gmail etc.

Apps Development

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eCommerce Websites

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Design for Startups

We design beautiful modern engaging websites that always latest responsive technologies.

Design for Startups

We design beautiful modern engaging websites that always latest responsive technologies.

Increase in Lead capture

By using SmashFly’s talent network and recruiting assistant

Decrease in hiring costs

By seeing which sources are actully impacting hiring KPIs

Decrease in hiring costs

By seeing which sources are actully impacting hiring KPIs

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Take a look at how we’ve brought candidate experience and brand story to life for world’s most forward-thinking organizations.

TNQ's engagement with SourceGain has been about bringing changes in the way we source and engage with our future employees. Our brief to them was to build a talent pipeline from unconventional sources, and have a structured, ongoing candidate engagement plan. SourceGain has done well on delivering to those requirements so far. We are excited about the growth happening at TNQ, and having SourceGain be a part of that journey

Abhigyan Arun
Chief Executive

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