Hiring in the modern talent Marketplace...

With an engaged pipeline in place, no searches start from scratch and organisations can dramatically reduce costs and time to hire.

Hypergrowth or enterprise.

Companies of all sizes use SourceGain to build top-notch teams. From the first dev hire to growing the sales team, we've been enabling internal recruiting teams to move faster for less money.

Improve your gender diversity.

Increase your company’s visibility and attract best women in Tech Industry.

Find those hard to Find skills.

Share your stories about why your company is a great place to work & talk about your company's initiatives to talent pool.

Build future pipeline for gigs.

Drive applicants to the talent community to apply and be assessed virtually for your open positions.

Top Candidates in your reach.

Optimize the visibility to your open positions. Our unlimited job postings and personalized email alerts ensure that more qualified see and apply to your open jobs.


Tell Your Brand Story.

Showcase why your company is a great place to work. Use the employer branded profile to highlight your company benefits, feature employees, and more.

Bring Diversity Initiatives to Life

Authentically communicate your employer brand story. We develop custom content that is designed for and promoted to the female talent you're looking to attract.


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Crash Course on LinkedIn for Success

Crash Course on LinkedIn for Success
by Vinod Mehra

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No up-front commitment, no access fee. Best for ad hoc hiring needs and small teams.

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Yearly contract with zero hiring fees! Best for large or growing teams with constant hiring needs.

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Frequently asked questions

We only charge fees when you've made a successful hire, and they've made it through a 90-day trial period. Browsing candidates, saving roles, integrating your tools, and recommendations are completely free.

The fee for a single placement is 15% of the candidate's first-year salary. Many of our users opt for an "all-you-can-hire" SourceGain subscription. Subscription fees are based on your expected hiring needs and company size.

No. Staffing agencies essentially act as a broker between you and the candidate. SourceGain is a hiring marketplace. We create transparency between you and the candidate by bringing active employers and active candidates to the same place and allowing you to reach out to them directly.

Managed services would only come into play from our Account Management team if that’s something you would prefer. This way you’re in the driver’s seat while still getting access to that upper tier of candidates you won’t get through most other sources.

SourceGain candidates are based in India, and open to remote opportunities. Candidates indicate their preferences so hiring managers can filter accordingly.

Take a look at how we’ve brought candidate experience and brand story to life for world’s most forward-thinking organizations.


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