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How to Find & Hire Passive Tech Talent

Presented by SourceGain Team
Saturday, 02 November 2019 at 7:30 PM - IST

A passive candidate is a candidate who is not actively seeking out a new job. As they are usually happily employed and not looking for work, it's likely that the passive candidate is a valued employee making worthwhile contributions to their current place of work.

Passive Tech talent means just that; these professionals aren't actively looking for new employment opportunities.

So, in this webinar we will discuss, how to hire and what should be criteria to approach and recruit these passive tech talent within a new company.

Discussion Topics

  • What is active and passive recruitment?
  • What is meant by passive Talent?
  • Should companies hire passive talents?
  • Why are passive candidates better?
  • How can companies attract these passive Talents?
  • What parameters recruiters should look while screening for passive talent profile
  • What should be the interview be all about

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