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Companies seeking great talent come to SourceGain to help them with platform that can connect, engage and hire best. We offer fantastic ways to attract talent in tech as well as Non-tech companies.

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Build and optimize your careers page, convert passive and active talent, and run an end-to-end recruiting events strategy.

Career Sites

Showcase your employer brand and provide a personalized Careers Site experience to every candidate.


Capture talent that isn’t ready to apply with dynamic talent network forms, abandonment models, email retargeting and more.

Recruiting Events

Execute, measure, and scale across the entire event lifecycle for campus, diversity, alumni, military or any other kind of recruitment event.

You're in Good Company

Drive Top Candidates to Your Jobs


Optimize the visibility to your open positions. Our unlimited job postings and personalized email alerts ensure that more qualified candidates see and apply to your open jobs.

Tell Your Brand Story to Thousands of Recruiters


Showcase why your company is a great place to work. Use the employer branded profile to highlight your company benefits, feature employees, and more

Bring Your Diversity Initiatives to Life


Authentically communicate your employer brand story. We develop custom content that is designed for and promoted to the female talent you're looking to attract.


Reduction In
Time to Hire


Reduction In
Effort to Hire


Reduction In
Cost to Hire

Build a proactive recruiting machine

Everything you need to do to recruit more proactively, engage pipelines of qualified talent ahead of business demand, and drive more efficient and effective processes.

Make your data a competitive advantage

Data enrichment and auto deduplication give enterprises a reliable, up-to-date, and searchable source of truth for all of their information.

Drive personalized engagement

Reach the right candidate at the right time with the right message through intelligent automated nurture campaigns.

Make recruiting results predictable

Make your team more efficient and effective, with the predictability you need to forecast progress against future hiring requirements.

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Customer Stories

SourceGain is helping top companies reach job seekers.

TNQ redefines their recruitment strategy

Read how TNQ reduced time to hire drastically, and started investing time only on relevant candidates.

UST embraces automated recruitment process

Read how UST reduced time-to-fill ratio for a job position by almost 50% and hired 20 recruiters in 3-days.

Congient successful campus recruitment drive

Read how Congient campus assessment drive got their 80 candidates in a day.
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We are proud to be part of the women’s Empowerment Principles community of companies committed to making a difference for women in the workplace, marketplace, and community.

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