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What’s “The Recruiters Talk”?

Everyone’s got a story. So, do Recruiters in our community. We are bringing this community together every month in a college or co-works to share their life experiences. If you have a story, come, share it with the world. Network with peers, professional to create employment & entrepreneurship opportunities .


Practical Interviewing Skills

by Naveen Coomar

Talent : Don’t get duped

by Naveen Coomar

Efficient Hiring

by Naveen Coomar

7 Mantras- Success in Social Media Hiring

by Naveen Coomar

Career Prospects in TA

by Naveen Coomar

Top Gun in TA

by Naveen Coomar

Recruitment Marketing: Recruiters must take to close candidates

by Naveen Coomar

Why am I losing My Best Job Candidates?

by Naveen Coomar

Employee engagement: the importance of recognition

by Naveen Coomar

Digital learning transformation: why does it matter to employers?

by Naveen Coomar

AI’s impact on recruitment, HR and the workforce

by Naveen Coomar

Working With Generation Z: How to Recruit College Grads

by SourceGain Team

How to Find & Hire Passive Tech Talent

by SourceGain Team

All Things BA: How to Hire Business Analysts

by SourceGain Team

How to Recruit Data Scientists Successfully

by SourceGain Team

How to identify Fake resumes?

by SourceGain Team

How To Recruit Machine Learning Talent Successfully

by SourceGain Team

How to hire a Augmented Reality Talent (AR)

by SourceGain Team

Crash Course on LinkedIn for Success

by Vinod Mehra

How to Successfully Recruit AWS Developers

by SourceGain Team

How to Hire UX/UI Designers Successfully

by Tanvir Alam

How to hire a Microsoft Azure Solution Architect?

by Hasnain Mehdi Rizvi

How to hire an Artificial Intelligence Expert Successfully?

by Govind Soundararajan

How to Hire DevOps tech Experts?

by Manik Dham

How to Hire Blockchain Experts?

by Prashant Surana, Kamlesh Nagware

How to hire a IOT Sales Expert?

by Kapil Sharma

What should be basic things to take care while Hiring a IOT expert

by Tushir Malik

How to hire DevOps professionals in FinTech?

by Neeraj Chauhan

How To Recruit Content Writers Successfully

by SourceGain Team

What criteria should we follow while hiring a DevOps

by Rajesh Dhoble

How to Hire Blockchain Experts

by Amit Joshi

War for Talent: Real or Reflection of ineptitude

by Naveen Coomar

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  • How to Hire DevOps Experts? by Manik Dham
  • Crash Course on LinkedIn for Success by Vinod Mehra
  • How to Hire Blockchain Experts? by Prashant Surana, Kamlesh Nagware

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