Editing with Inclusive Language

Presented by TNQ Technologies
Saturday, 31 October 2020 from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM - IST

Inclusive language is language that is free from words, phrases or tones that reflect prejudiced, stereotyped or discriminatory views of particular people or groups. It is also language that does not deliberately or inadvertently exclude people from being seen as part of a group. Inclusive language is sometimes called non-discriminatory language.

Editors are an author’s first line of defense against political gaffes, insensitive language, and inadvertently exclusive language.

Language must continually evolve with our understanding and acceptance of diverse groups of people. This talk attempts to guide Language editors, writers in communicating accurately and sensitively in a manner that respects all human beings.

- Science students
- For researchers of all levels in sciences        
- Experienced professional in publishing 
- Wants to build career in e-Publishing/Publishing                                     
- Science Journal Author.

Skills Gained
- Develop writing skills — feel confident and inspired to write
- Gain insight into editorial decisions at highly selective journals                                    
- Better Career Decision in e-Publishing/Publishing

Meet our Speakers

  • Shanthi Krishnamoorthy

3rd degree connection

CDO at TNQ Technologies and President - AuthorCafe

  • Shubha Mony Kasi 

2nd degree connection

 Head HR at TNQ Books and Journals Pvt Ltd          

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